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Finnigan's Greatest Adventures

Finnigan or "Finn" for short, came about from the love of travel. From a small child who used to always cry because I didn't want to go back home after a weekend away and  who wanted to keep going to new places I knew all my life that there was more to the world than what I was exposed to in my small town. ​​​

I had a dear best friend who I grew up with from the time I was two years old.  As an adult he loved flamingos.  Tragically he left this earth unexpectedly and to honor him for reminding me life is too short not to live doing what you love I decided to travel. That's what I have wanted to do for years and people always laughed when they asked me what I wanted to do with my life. So by having Finnigan with me I will always have a piece of him with me  wherever I go. 

I want to inspire kids to travel and explore this vast earth that we are blessed to call home. Come along this journey with Finn and I and see all the adventures we go on together!!!